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Plant Nutritionist Jack Geyen at Sailer's Greenhouse

Plant nutrition is one of the key factors in growing beautiful and bountiful gardens. Understanding fertilizers and their relationship with plants and soils is imperative to a healthy garden. Sailer’s Greenhouse is excited to host plant nutritionist Jack Geyen, on May 20th from 10 am-4 pm. Jack will be on hand to take water samples, answer questions about plant nutrition and help set up fertilizing programs for your vegetable and flower gardens.  

    Jack has an impressive background in the greenhouse industry, he was one of the lead growers for Bachman’s and is now the technical representative for Plant Marval Laboratories. Basically… the guy knows his stuff… and he is willing to share some secrets and offer advice to help you grow a successful garden.

    This is the perfect opportunity for both novice and advance gardeners to get your questions answered and receive valuable new tips and advice. 

    Jack can help with everything from what those silly little numbers on your fertilizer bag mean to the ideal PH level for your peppers.

    Stop in and take advantage of this wonderful, and free, opportunity to improve your garden.